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The iCode Difference

As a technology and coding school, we equip children with the tools for success in today’s information-driven world. Immersing kids in real-world problems enhances understanding of math and science. This approach is effective in developing skills in logical analysis, creativity, and problem solving – skills that will help kids at school and in any future career.

Flexible Programs Options

Computer science classes that work for different schedules.

Proprietary Curriculum

Dynamic curriculum that meets the demands of a rapidly evolving space.

STEAM Learning

An experience that spans across disciplines; science, technology, engineering, arts, and math literacy.

Critical Thinking

As they learn skils in coding, we teach kids how to think creatively and solve problems step-by-step.

High-Tech Labs

We provide access to the latest technologies.

College & Workforce Preparedness

Advanced bootcamps to give a great head start.

Camp Dates

July 6 – July 24

9am – 12pm or 1pm – 4pm

Coding Avengers: Code like a Superhero

JUNE 29 – JULY 3

An immersive camp that teaches fundamental skills in computer science. Campers learn the creative process of breaking down ideas into smaller tasks with the use of storyboards that later turn into comic strips. They gain experience in the creative side of stop motion movies, coding, game design, and digital citizenship. At the end of camp they showcase a movie they have created.


  • Learn programming skills
  • Dive into robotics
  • Conduct video and photo editing
  • Gain computational thinking skills
  • Learn how to storyboard

Tech Magic: Cast Your Coding Spell

JULY 6 – JULY 10

TechMagic is a magic and science-themed summer camp, for Harry Potter fans and magic lovers. Students learn the basics of coding and robotics and showcase their projects, developing their presentation skills and attention to detail. Daily, hands-on science experiments bring learning to life.


  • Learn programming basics
  • Learn about robotics
  • Learn how to do video editing
  • Learn presentation skills and creativity

Minecraft: Modding in Java

JULY 27 – JULY 31

Take Minecraft to the next level! Create modifications in Minecraft while learning Java, the most popular and powerful programming language today.


  • Build Minecraft
  • Understand OOP, Java
  • Learn about basic data structures
  • Gain creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Develop verbal communication skills

How to Enroll


Call AZDL at 480-461-3222. Please let the receptionist know you are interested in iCode, the name of your home school, student name and parent email.

A form will be sent to the parents email address and they will need to send an email back stating the information is correct and to please enroll their student in iCode, and which iCode camp the student wishes to attend.


Go to
  • Click Enroll Now
  • Complete all enrollment steps

When selecting site, select iCode noting the specific camp you want to attend.

iCode’s Advantage

iCode immerses students in a hands-on curriculum that prepares them for the workforce of the future. Our personal mentoring provides a fun and rewarding experience through year-round classes and camps. As students gain skills in coding, design and collaboration, they become better thinkers and innovators.

My son has loved adding this extracurriculars to his weekly routines. He is eager to go in and walks away learning something new every class. Very pleased with the classrooms, the teachers, and everything about the experience. Highly recommend.

ReneeiCode Parent