It’s a great time to gain new skills


Online Coding Classes for Ages 8–14

Make the most of school break and gain new skills in coding

4 hours per week; two, 2-hour sessions

We don’t want kids to miss a beat. In the safety of their own home, and with extra time on their hands, this is a perfect time to dive into coding and STEAM skills.

iCode’s instructor-led online classes are now available throughout the week. Choose a time that works for you.

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Progressive Curriculum

The curriculum for online classes will map important learning objectives, guiding students through a journey of coding, innovation, art, and design.

Expert Instruction

iCode tutors will guide students step by step through each lesson of the program, from foundation to advanced skills.

Live Support

Each session comprises theory and activities. iCode instructors are available to answer questions throughout each session.

Ramp up Your Skills

Fun and engaging online coding classes for ages 8-14 follow a progressive curriculum in the following areas:

Game Development

Dive into game design and development through hands-on programming. Learn the specific commands needed to make a game while navigating through stages of game development and design.

Web Development

Gain hands-on experience with HTML and CSS, learning the key tools needed to build a simple website. Complete the course by designing and developing a functional and creative website.

Python Coding

Learn about the structure and syntax of simple programs; conditionals, functions, and events. Then progress past the programming-toy stage into writing code similar to that used in major software or killer apps!

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While learning technical skills, students gain essential soft skills, better preparing them for their academic experiences.

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Fine motor skills
  • Independent thinking
  • Patterns and sequencing
  • Planning & design
  • Project Management

Coding Prepares Kids for Their Future

Coding is the new language everyone should know. It is “so central to business life that the common mantra around technology experts is that today’s children will need to learn to code “or get coded”.”

As the coronavirus pandemic grips the world, it’s easy to see how critical the data we collect will be in tackling future outbreaks.

“AI-powered robots and programs are on course to be so sophisticated that as many as 400m to 800m jobs are predicted to be lost to the technology by 2030.”

Hargrave, Sean“Rise of the machines: why coding is the skill you have to learn.” The Guardian, 25 October 2018,
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